Advisory Services

IP Protection

We can add value to your creativity by guiding through the process of transforming your

creativity into Intellectual Property and protecting of same so that you can benefit from economic rights of your Intellectual Property.

Invention, Patentability & Patenting

We assess your invention, whether it is patentable and guide you through the patenting process step-by-step. If your invention is not patentable, we enlighten you on the prior art enabling you to improve and make patentable inventions.

Effective Claim Drafting

Claims are the crucial part of a patent application where everything evolve around the claims. Claim part is the section which is most prone to be challenged by the patent examiners in the patent office. Therefore, our mentoring process help you to draft the claims effectively.

Patent Information & Prior Art Search

Patent information and prior art search enables distinguish your invention from the existing state-of-the-art technology which can be the yardstick to assess patentability of your invention. Prior art search is also useful in drafting of your patent effectively. We do patent information and prior art search for your invention.

Preparation of Patent application

Inventors/agents are expected to prepare their patent application to the format specified by the relevant authority. Different sections of a patent application namely description, claims, abstract and drawings to be filled in a coherent and concise manner in order to submit an application satisfactory to the receiving agency. We guide and mentor you to fill the patent application effectively. Even we can undertake drafting your patent by us.

Patent filing including applying under PCT

Inventors/agents are expected to submit their complete patent application to the relevant authority along with other required supportive documents. They are also expected to pay an application processing fee to the application receiving authority. If they seek protection at international level, they could initially apply under Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). We guide you through the process and we can facilitate applying under PCT online.    

Entering into International Phase

Once you applied under PCT and if you receive a positive search report from PCT, then you need

to apply under each country abroad where you are interested in and potential to exploit your invention.

Other services

We also guide inventors towards effective negotiation with Investors (Technology Liaison), IP valuation & commercialization, Technology Transfer, Licensing and Royalty, preparation of Non -Disclosure Agreements & Licensing Agreements and preparing business plans for IP intensive Start-Ups.

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